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P2Pmoneyshop is a property finance marketplace that brings together investors to invest in hand-picked developments & rental projects. Investors can invest from as little as £100 to thousands of pounds into a wide range of projects, including developments - renovations - buy-to-let or buy-to-sell . Our marketplace connects investors looking for a safe, more lucrative return on their money with property developers and landlords , who provide our platform with exciting asset backed property opportunities throughout the United Kingdom.

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“Property crowd-funding” refers to a technique whereby a group of investors pool their money together in order to fund a project or to purchase an existing property from which they will then be able to earn dividends.

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Returns may go down or up based on the future market value of the property and rental values achieved

Capital at risk and rates are not guaranteed. Investments are not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).

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